Custom Book Sleeve (pick your own fabric)
Custom Book Sleeve (pick your own fabric)
Custom Book Sleeve (pick your own fabric)
Custom Book Sleeve (pick your own fabric)
Literary Creations by Jenny

Custom Book Sleeve (pick your own fabric)

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Protect your books in style with custom book sleeves! The custom option gives you the opportunity to choose your dream book sleeve fabric. Always wanted a sleeve featuring your favorite tv show, your dog, or another fun design? This is your time to make it happen!

To order a custom book sleeve, please visit and pick out the fabric that you would like for your book sleeve. Please include the URL and title of the fabric in the notes to seller section.

Be sure to check the print size (smaller prints generally work better) and that the URL you are submitting is correct. All custom sleeve purchases are final and once purchased, the seller is not responsible for any errors in the URL/title that the buyer submitted or for dissatisfaction in the print size.

A Spoonflower purchase every other week. Spoonflower currently takes 3+ weeks to ship. Once your fabric is received, expect a 1 week turnaround before the finished product is sent to you. Unsure if a print is the right size or would work well on a book sleeve? Send a message and we can figure it out together!

Processing Times: The processing time for custom book sleeves is 3-4 weeks. This factors in the time it takes to bulk order the custom fabric orders, Spoonflower to print and ship the fabric, and the book sleeve to be sewn. You will receive a shipping confirmation email within 3-4 weeks of purchasing your custom sleeve. Please feel free to reach out to at any time for your order status.


Small sized sleeves are approximately 8 x 5.5... Please measure your device before purchase to ensure that it will fit in the sleeve. Smalls are perfect for Kindle Paperwhites and fires, as well as SOME e-readers that have thin cases on them. E-readers with thicker cases generally work better in a size medium. (Note: the seller is not responsible for any small sleeves purchased that do not fit a particular e-reader).

Medium sized sleeves are approximately 7 x 10 inches and will hold normal sized paperbacks.

Large sized sleeves are approximately 7.75 x 10.5 inches and will hold most hardcovers.

Any questions about sizing? Send a message or email for more information.


To add an extra layer of protection to your books, all sleeves are lined with padding. For most sleeves, you will have the option between fleece and foam padding. Both padding choices are great options and your choice of padding will depend on your key goals for the sleeve. Fleece padding is a lighter, flexible, and cost effective option. Foam padding is thicker, offers more protection to your books, and is less flexible. I personally have sleeves in both padding options and love them all. It really depends on what your particular goals and preferences are.


Sleeves can be spot cleaned with cold water if necessary. Sleeves can be ironed on the "cotton setting".

Any imperfections are the result of handmade craftsmanship. All products are made with love.

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