Giveaway Partnerships

Are you a social media influencer or "bookstagrammer" hoping to give away a product from Literary Creations? We would love to partner with you!

To partner with Literary Creations, send an Instagram or Facebook message, or fill out the website's contact form. Please include your thoughts for the giveaway including: when you would like to hold it, what you would like to give away, and your social media handles.

You can host a give away with whatever products you would like or you can have the winner choose their prize.


- If approved (most influencer/bookstagrammers will be approved)-- you are all set to host your giveaway! Simply create your post, tag @literarycreationsbyjenny, and specify that a condition to entry is that all entrants follow both accounts (your account and @literarycreationsbyjenny).

- Once a giveaway winner has been selected, message Jenny to confirm what product(s) you will be sending to the winner. Assuming all requirements have been met (tagging Jenny and having entrants follow accounts), Jenny will then send you a code for 25% off, to use while purchasing the winner's prize. You can have the prize shipped directly to the winner.

NOTE: As the cost of materials is more expensive for certain items, those giving away Book Lover Boxes and Custom Sleeves, will receive 15% off (instead of 25%).

Thank you so much for considering supporting my small business with a give away-- I look forward to speaking with you further!